Welcome to the Orange Maple Gallery & Tattoo Studio, by Soeren Sangkuhl.


My name is Sören Sangkuhl , born 1977 in Germany I started my career with a classical three year apprenticeship and an extensive period of traveling and working to gather skills and experience. After fifteen years of professional tattooing in various european studios I opened the „Orange Maple Tattoo and Gallery„ in the city of Luzern in 2012 to be able to work by myself and on appointment only.

Apart from my own cultural background I`m mostly inspired by japanese art which is why I focused on it and over time specialized in japanese style tattooing. In my type of work every piece is uniquely drawn, customized to the client and often part of a concept that embraces the whole body.

I preferably work on large projects and therefore decided to move the studio to an even more intimate surrounding.

Early 2016 the original „Orange Maple Tattoo„ Streetshop closed its doors and was re- opened as a private studio in the small village of Hellbühl / LU on the beautiful countryside just a little outside town. Here I`m offering expert custom tattooing in a perfectly private atmosphere.

For Information or appointments please contact me the old-fashioned way.

Thanks and see you around.

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0041 (0)41 311 20 00
Hellbühl, Switzerland
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